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Custom Photo Puck Light Lithophane

Custom Photo Puck Light Lithophane

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Introducing the Custom Photo Puck Light Lithophane, a unique and personalized piece of art. Using advanced 3D printing technology, we transform your favorite photos into stunning, three-dimensional works of art. The intricate details and subtle shading of your photo are captured in each lithophane, creating a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

Turn on the puck light and watch your photo come to life. Perfect for displaying special moments, these 3D Printed Custom Photo Puck Light Lithophanes make a wonderful gift for any occasion. The puck light design makes them portable, allowing you to take your memories with you wherever you go.

Ordering is simple. Select the style, size, and color variations you wish, add to cart, and upload your image to our email inbox. All custom photo Puck Light Lithophanes come with the Puck light included. Plus, enjoy free shipping on your order. Experience the magic of 3D printing with our Custom Photo Puck Light Lithophane today!

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