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Heart Custom Photo Lithophane

Heart Custom Photo Lithophane

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The Heart Custom Photo Lithophane is a truly unique product that offers a heartfelt way to display your favorite photos. This isn't just a simple photo frame, but a 3D printed object that reveals a beautiful image when backlit. It's a personalized gift that your loved ones will surely appreciate.

What sets this Heart Custom Photo Lithophane apart is its heart shape and the hole for a hook, allowing you to hang it as a decoration. You can place it in the window, over a Christmas light on the tree, on your keychain, or wherever you like. It's a versatile piece that adds a touch of sentimentality to any space.

Additionally, you can make or source a light box for your Heart Custom Photo Lithophane, adding another layer of uniqueness to this product. Light boxes sold separately.  See our Heart Lithophane pre-lit Shadow Boxes custom designed in house specifically to illuminate your Heart Custom Photo Lithophane.

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