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Mystic Mesh 3D

Leaf Embossed Stash Jar with Keychain Loop

Leaf Embossed Stash Jar with Keychain Loop

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Leaf Embossed Stash Jar with Keychain Loop: a unique, versatile accessory that offers both convenience and style. Designed to be attached to your keychain, it can also be fastened to your backpack, providing easy access to your small essentials. 

The Leaf Embossed Stash Jar features a screw-on lid, ensuring the contents remain secure and spill-free. It's perfect for storing small items like paper clips, thumbtacks, or even small snacks and candies. This makes it an ideal companion for both office and outdoor use.

Made from high-quality materials, this Leaf Embossed Stash Jar is built to withstand daily use. Beyond its practicality, it also serves as a decorative item, adding a touch of elegance to your office desk or wherever it's hung.

  • Mystic Mesh 3D has taken the time and care to design this product to have a very nice look and feel featuring your favorite leaf embossed design.  He has take care to make a product that is easy to use, durable, portable, beautiful and functional with many uses regardless of where you take it.

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