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Mystic Mesh 3D

Mini Crate and Micro SD / SD / USB Insert by MM3D

Mini Crate and Micro SD / SD / USB Insert by MM3D

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Mini Crate and Micro SD / SD / USB Insert courtesy of designer Mystic Mesh 3D:

A unique and compact storage solution that combines style and functionality.  The insert is sized perfectly to fit your Micro SD / SD / USB memory sticks just right. Removable insert for the option to store unique items.

What sets this mini crate apart is its well-thought-out dimensions. It is designed to easily fit on shelves, desks, or counter tops, optimizing your space utilization. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to keep their small items organized without taking up too much space. Its versatile size is perfect for storing a variety of small items, from craft supplies and electronic components to jewelry and other tiny treasures.

But the uniqueness of this product doesn't stop there. It also comes with a Micro SD / SD / USB Insert that slips into the mini crate to add slots for your memory. This feature allows for specific organization of your memory cards, making it a truly specialized storage solution. With the Mystic Mesh 3D Mini Crate, you can keep your small items and memory cards organized in style.

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