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Mystic Mesh 3D

Stash bang (Stash container/cosplay prop) by Mystic Mesh 3D

Stash bang (Stash container/cosplay prop) by Mystic Mesh 3D

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Stash Bang – a multifunctional storage container or cosplay prop, meticulously designed by MM3D and expertly crafted by Odell Creations. This 3D-printed marvel isn't just a container; it's an expression of functionality and style, merging practicality with eye-catching aesthetics.

With its flash bang-inspired design, complete with a detachable lid and handle, the Stash Bang stands out in any setting. The marble-colored finish adds a touch of sophistication and energy, making it a standout piece for both storage needs and cosplay enthusiasts alike.

Get your hands on the Stash Bang today and witness the seamless blend of utility and visual appeal it brings. Versatile in its use, this storage container doubles as a bold statement piece, injecting character and dynamism into any space or costume ensemble. Elevate your storage game with the Stash Bang – a versatile and striking addition to your collection!

Approximate Dimensions: 
Height: 6.5 INCHES
Diameter: 2 INCHES

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